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Earth day focus: following a plant-based diet

I thought that for Earth Day I would make a post about switching to a plant-based diet and the ways it can help not only our health, but the environment. Our biggest environmental issues of today are directly linked to the production of meat and dairy products. Climate change, deforestation, air and water pollution which of course leads to health problems for us are all effects of industrial farming. Over 30% of land not occupied by ice is used in livestock production alone. More greenhouse gases are attributed to livestock than cars, trucks, ships, etc, the world over combined.

What does all of this meat and dairy do for us? It is full of saturated fat and cholesterol, it contributes to things like being overweight or obese, which in turn can lead to cancer, heart disease and diabetes. At first I thought that the statistics for the U.S were horrifying - that 33% of kids born in 2000 will end up suffering from diabetes.  What I realized is actually horrifying though is that these for the most part, are preventable illnesses. What is so scary is that when we're faced with a choice of a delicious plant-based dish or a meal of mcdonalds burgers and fries  most will choose themcdonalds knowing full well the consequences of these actions. Not only are we as a nation harming ourselves with these choices, we're harming the environment and leaving a devastating legacy for the generations behind us.

I don't even have kids, nor do I intend to, but when I discussed this issue with someone and they said, "What does it matter? We won't be around for this destruction." it broke my heart for future generations. People who DO HAVE KIDS say things like this, look at the legacy we are leaving behind. A generation of kids who will most likely fail to live as long as their parents did, suffering under the natural disasters (that we are already seeing the effects of) that come along with climate change and the ravages of deforestation, pollution and the diseases and complications that follow it,  like e-coli and obesity.

It's very difficult, after educating yourself on some of these topics, to simply ignore them. On the other hand, it's very easy to ignore them, and never educate yourself. You are doing yourself and perhaps your kids, a disservice. I highly suggest checking out documentaries like Food, inc. On netflix sometime.

Food, inc trailer:

Or Killer at Large:

You can watch Killer at Large HERE for free.

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  1. After seeing Food Inc. it totally changes my way of thinking about food and where it really comes from.

    Another movie/docu coming out soon (if not already out in your area) is Forks over Knives

    Great Post !!

  2. It's just shocking how easily, and how fast, kids today can gain weight. There's sooooo much junk in the foods in the stores. I don't think anyone cares. We've got our oldest looking at labels now and asking him which choice is best and WHY so that we can teach him how to eat healthier than most of the kids out there do now. He eats veggie dogs on whole wheat, low fat rolls. He likes it. It's good for him and the environment. It makes sleeping a lot easier. ;)

  3. sweet pea, I can't wait to see forks over knives!

    chubby, I agree, and great job with your kid, it really does start at home.

  4. Great post. Years ago I was influenced by Diet for a Small Planet by Frances Moore Lappe. Still very relevant today. Even more so. Happy Earth Day!

  5. WOW! I have been so afraid of watching Food Inc. I guess I was holding onto my ignorance of the issues so I don't have to face the reality. Great post :)

  6. 135: Food inc is one of my faves. Killer at large is great too, I suggest watching both. They have both really changed my way of thinking. Thanks for this comment, I'm going to address the rest of it in a blog post. :)


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