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...and I'm back

Well, the ticker is finally moving in a downward trend and staying there. I've lost 3 lbs this week. I've been eating 1500 cals, doing 30 mins on the bike a night (would like to do 30 in the morning too. will do that tomorrow) and drinking water, green tea, and fresh juice. at the moment I'm drinking some pineapple, kale and spinach juice. It was so overwhelmingly sweet that after two stems of kale I added about 2 or 3 handfulls of spinach and it's perfect. Mmmmm. :) Trying to get more dark leafy greens in.

So last year for me, was about weight loss. Now that I think I understand the whole weight loss process (whether I follow it all the time is another story altogether) I think this year the focus is going to be on whole foods and health. I do eat vegan (except recently I did slip up and have dairy a few times when eating out, but not since being back on plan.) and I do generally eat whole foods. BUT....not enough. I feel like more veggies could work their way into my…

Fight a little harder...

The first three days...
So, my observations of the last three days. They have felt damn near effortless. I don't understand why sometimes it is SO easyt and other times it's nearly impossible to keep the unhealthy food out of my mouth! I am doing a new fitness challenge as well. 500 miles in one year, and 10k fitness mins in one year.

Let's do this... Don't we all start out a new project, diet, new year, with this vigor? This...I can do it, I can take on the world mentality? Over the course of the first few months though, those fireworks start to fizzle, and eventually go out. We all stumble and fall, sometimes we blow a tire, sometimes, against all better judgement, we get so fed up with ourselves that we get out and slash the other three. That's what happened to me at the end of last year.
I haven't done myself in though. It's time to get up, and start walking to my destination, car and slashed tires be damned. 
I know it's not always going to be this way…

Turning things around -- happy new year!

The holidays hit me hard, and I feel like such a failure, so here I am, tail between my legs, promising a new start. again.  but if there is one thing that is true about me, it's that I have a hard time giving up.

Since thanksgiving I have gained...12 lbs. 

Last year I made it through the holidays and even lost some weight. I know that today, is just another day, and that the only extra meaning it may have is meaning that we ascribe to it. But, today is new years day and I got a new healthy lifestyle calendar for Christmas and it feels like if ever there was a time for renewed energy to focus on weight loss now is the time.

Unless I want to start spending money on new clothes, I'd best get on it. I threw out all my old 'fatter clothes' and I'm pretty broke so a new wardrobe is not in order. It's time to get my butt in gear.

Joey has gained weight too, we have a tendency to gain/lose together, as I'm sure is no surprise. No more eating out for awhile, as I a…