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Too fat for cedar point: Or, finding my motivation

My sister, her fiance' and me and my bf want to all go to cedar point this august. As of last year at 240 lbs I could fit in all the rides at kennywood, but I hear that for a couple of the rides at Cedar Point (millennium force and top thrill dragster) you need to be of certain weight/height. (under 200 lbs or under a size 18 for a woman.) I'm under a size 18 at like 230-240 so since I'm not 5 feet tall I should be fine if I can lose some before August to get me back down to a 16. Millenium Force: Top Thrill Dragster: Anyhow, I haven't felt this peppy about weight loss in awhile. Guess I just needed some type of outside goal. I froze the cupcakes! Giving more away today when I see my friend. It was fun though. :)

Today was obesity (aka my cupcake stuff came in the mail)

Well, I finally got my cupcake stuff in the mail yesterday, but I wasn't here, I was down home. I came home today and made two different styles of cupcake. I made a chocolate espresso coconut one: and a far less glamorous but equally tasty peanut butter filled and frosted one: These are both recipes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World . I did half ass it a little cuz I was out of gluten free all purpose flour, so I bought a couple of boxes of gluten free cake mix and used that instead. Still yummy! Giving some away to the neighbors, saving me from myself! Back on track tomorrow!

Home for Easter

Well, I ended up being able to come down home for Easter dinner. My mom doesn't really know what to cook for me, I don't make it easy that's for sure. So I brought some materials to make my own food. I'm making pasta in a veggie/"meat" sauce, and I also made a banana toffee pudding pie with a graham cracker style crust made from gluten free chex cereal, butter and almond milk.... and of course, the staple, peanut butter blondies. (Who doesn't love peanut butter?! Come on now....) I'll post a picture of the pie later, right now blog booster is not cooperating. It came out good though. :) I also made a gf bob's red mill wholesome something or other bread. It's way better than other ones I've tried. Very soft and fluffy. I also made it with some garlic salt and basil. It's really good! Anyhow, happy to be home, glad I brought some food. :) It was a pain but I like baking. Back on track monday!

dreaming of cupcakes and avocado pesto pasta

So another on plan day, hurrah. :) Tonight I'm making avocado pesto pasta from a recipe I got from the website: Doesn't it look amazing!: Be sure to check out her website if you haven't already! So I know that my sudden interest in baking is probably not the best thing for my diet. BUT, last night I made peanut butter blondies from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar . They are one of my absolute favorite recipes from that book. Anyhow, I somehow managed to eat some and stay within' my calorie range yesterday and I left some for Joey and took the rest to give away at work. There is ONE left. It's for tomorrow. Half of it, the other half is for joey. :) Anyhow, so I'm feeling so into baking ever since I found a flour to gluten free flour conversion chart ! I used it last night for the blondies and it WORKED> Came out far better than the previous method I was using: Guessing! :( So, last night I ordered Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The Wo

Back on the horse...building habits.

Okay, so, I'm tracking and exercising. Feeling good. I have another study appt in a month, they weigh me. I'm going to try not to weight myself more than once (at the two week mark) and then once at the month mark. I feel like obsessing on the scale is not a good idea for my mental state at the moment. Not that the scale obsession is EVER good. I just want to do the right things regardless. I've come up with a few new recipes since I've been gone. There's a spicy mac n cheese and a pot pie and I will hopefully get my chili recipe up at some point. I wanted to do it in the fall but that didn't work out. I've had a difficult winter. I got mad at my physical therapist, she was not respecting my boundaries on a certain issue, so I quit seeing her and stopped doing my PT altogether.I'm going to start that back up today. I've been struggling with my moods. It's seemed like I've been tweaking my meds every other month. I hate the effect the seas