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A brief update

So, our lowering our cholesterol plan   is going well. So far we've implemented everything except two things on that list. (Wine and exercise, still waiting to hear back if we can use the gym at work!). I won't know about my cholesterol until February. BUT, in jan of this year it wasn't that bad. I checked online and nothing was more than 10 points above or below where it needed to be other than my triglycerides which were a little bit higher. I'm cooking at home WAY more often and not eating out so much. I bought a slow cooker so I can make bulk food easier and take it to work. The slow cooker just came yesterday. So that will start tomorrow! In other news, I bought a light therapy box to help my winter depression. Normally by this time I'm feeling down and I'm doing just fine so hopefully this continues to work out! Anyhow, will continue to keep you updated!