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Protein Sources

So I've been struggling with trying to figure out just what to write about the last day or so and even as I struggled I've been talking to my boyfriend, Joey, about his eating habits. I had stopped cooking him dinner because I was eating earlier and he works late, so he would eat at work (he's a cook) and then have cereal before bed.

He's been VERY cranky lately. Sleeping poorly, feeling very run down and constant headaches. This sounded familiar to me from my first month vegan, (he's vegetarian) Then I asked him what he's been eating. In his answer (fruit and salads) there was very little mention of protein. Like a lot of new veggies, he's neglecting the need for protein. His daily requirement (weight x's 0.36) is about 71 grams.

Although he's vegetarian he doesn't eat eggs or much dairy. We both use daiya and the only dairy he currently eats is sour cream, but he's going to try a vegan one soon. There are plenty of protein sources out there though, beans, nuts, seeds, tofu, seitan (wheat gluten, which is tough for me to make for him since I can't taste test it as I'm gluten free), some vegetables and fruits, tvp, whole grains, protein shakes,  etc.  But since he cooks all day I guess he doesn't want to cook for himself so he eats salad, fruit and cereal. None of which are high sources of protein.

So yesterday he had a fruit/soy protein smoothie (about 45 or so grams, it was big), tacos made with tvp for lunch (21 grams), and chili for dinner (about 15 grams since he didn't eat it all, one serving of the chili I make is pretty huge with very low cals.) So he easily clocked 10 grams more than the minimum requirement. His headache was gone by the end of the night and he was far less cranky. He's off today and I have high hopes for a good day. :)

So, I'm so nice ;) I"m going to start making him lunches on the weekend to take to work that are packed with protein, and he is going to start having a protein shake for breakfast and I'll be making dinner for him again, even if I just stick it in the fridge for when he gets home because I eat earlier. (He's not as helpless as I make him sound, I just work far less than he does ;) )

I miss cooking and eating with him though so I might just start eating later again,  now that I'm going to bed a bit later it makes sense.

The point is that a lot of people abandon a way of eating that has the potential to be very good for them if only they were educated about the things they need to eat. Remember your protein requirement is your weight x's 0.36 if you are big (and since this is a weight loss blog I'm sure many of my readers are) you will have a higher requirement. Mine was 90 or so before, that was difficult at times, but now it's only 80ish, so I'm getting there. :D

Also, protein keeps you feeling fuller longer, if I'm going out to eat I'll try and eat something high in protein that is small before I go so that I'm not at a restaurant drooling over the appetizers!


  1. I didn't realize protein affected mood! I know it helps me feel full longer and it helps when I work out but good to know this is another benefit!

    Hopefully your boyfriend feels better after increasing his intake! It's so awesome you pack his lunch for him :)

  2. Excellent post !! Thanks so much for focusing on the protein issue. Great tips !

  3. How lucky he is to have you. I would have probably never figured out what was causing me to be cranky and my headaches.

    Thanks for the info, I love learning info that will help me on this journey.

  4. I love seitan. I don't know what I'd do without it. It's versatile and tasty and I love the texture. We don't eat it all the time...maybe once a month...but boy is it awesome.


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