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Recipe: Sweet potato spinach curry

~*~*~This recipe is gluten free and vegan~*~*~
As are all my recipes
I tend to shoot for 2 servings, but this very low cal dish makes enough for leftovers unless you are both VERY hungry!

This recipe was inspired by the potato spinach curry in Appetite for Reduction (pg. 232). I think this is a little quicker and I hate potato chunks so it uses marinara instead of chopped tomatoes. I think that makes it creamier too.

*NOTE* Also, this recipe is best if made ahead of time and eaten later/the next day. The flavors really have time to soak in that way. Or you could probably make it in a slow cooker, I don't have one but this is an assumption.

EDITED TO ADD:  I forgot, it's a bit more bitter than I like. I like to add a tiny bit of sweetener, this should just be to taste and the sweetener of your choice.

Stuff you will need: to the drawing board!

Prep directions:
  • First, put 2.5 cups water with a veggie base/or use veggie broth, in a medium pot.
  • While waiting for the water to boil, peel your yams (1 very large or 2 smaller will do for two-three people) and chop potatoes into medium sized chunks.
  • Once broth boils, add potato chunks.
  • While potatoes are boiling, chop your quarter of a large sweet/white onion (or one small onion, I've actually never gotten one that wasn't huge! Do they exist?)
Cooking directions:
  • Add 1 cup marinara. Since this is a quick/easy recipe, I just use canned marinara, Field Day organic is my fave, it doesn't need much tweaking. It doesn't have many tomato chunks, which I like. I like it smooth.
  • Add 1 tbls curry powder. (it can probably take 1.5, but it depends, I LOVE the taste of curry)
  • Add 1 tsp garlic salt.
  • Add .25 tsp tumeric.
  • And add .5 tsp black pepper/you can also add red pepper/instead of black pepper if you prefer one or the other. I'm trying to tone down my spice for readers. I know not everyone loves spice quite as much as I do ;)
  • Once all the ingredients are mixed together and have had a few mins to marry, then add 1 (or 2, depending on how much you like spinach, I use 2 generally), bunch of spinach (fresh/frozen is personal preference, I like fresh).
  • If it's too thick, add the last .5 cup of water
  • Cook until spinach is wilty/creamy and potatoes are soft, but not soft enough to mash, you want them a little under cooked if you are letting this sit for a day and reheating, but if you're eating it right off, then cook them fully.
Sometimes I make this with:
(do not boil/simmer) 
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To make this I roast cauliflower tosssed in olive oil and sprinkled with curry powder in the oven. I usually add a little garlic salt as well and some red pepper flakes. This picture is not really representative of how I cook it as I don't add broth. I couldn't find the pic I had taken of the roasted version! :( One time it was taking forever to cook and joey got home from work so I wanted to speed up the process and I boiled/simmered it a bit. This was a mistake. I suggest roasting at about 375 degrees until tender. 

I also generally toss a bit of rice in earth balance with garlic salt/pepper/a bit of cumin and pour all of the goodness on top:

The finished product:


  1. I have been wondering how you were ... and you popped up on my FB feed so I had to come see how you were. The food looks great. I love using califlower like that! Glad to see you are still around and Kickin'!


  2. I just noticed that you have lost 5o+ pounds!! Yea!! Go girl go!! :) Shonnie

  3. Thanks so much! I post pretty regularly :)

  4. Looks great.. I love that you used marinara in curry..

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  6. Delete Comment From: Beyond Willpower

    Beyond Willpower said...
    Ha, I really like it a lot. Also it's so quick.

    I like to mix and match ethnic type foods. I have one I'm working on called EDIT: "The melting pot" (I can't remember my own recipes apparently) ha. It's good times. Keep a look out!

    and thanks for the comment! I have you liked on fb. :D Love yer page.

  7. I was just reading through this recipe. Do you drain the broth after the potatoes are cooked, or keep it and continue adding to it? Can't wait to try it!


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