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Another 75% raw week, raw cookbook in tow.

So, the last time we tried our 75% raw week it was about 50%, Joey was off work for vaca and it was our anniv and I was having fun cooking, so, meh. :(

Before we get into that though, just want to provide these links:
and <here> is my blog post on the subject.

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog posting...

But, this week we've decided to do it again. We both need a jumpstart to our weight loss. I only lost 1 lb last week, which is fine, it's not a gain, but it's not on target either.

I know some of it is my stomach issues. (Was recently diagnosed with ibs-c, the doc thinks the gluten intolerance was masking it.) I know the raw will help with my stomach as well.

I think I need to be a bit more structured to keep me on track with the raw thing, I may be posting a daily raw journey on here for what I plan to eat to keep me on track. I know it helps.  I also got this raw uncookbook. There seems to be way too much fat in it, even if it's 'healthy' fat (from nuts and oils.) To eat this stuff when I'm NOT doing raw. But when I do mostly raw, I dont' get much fat or protein so I think on the raw weeks it will be fine, that and I'm going to cut the oils and nuts in half anyhow. Her servings are large, so instead of cooking the 4 the recipe is for, I'll cook 1 and split it between Joey and I.

 Last night I made this baja cheeze nut meat taco from the book:
It was pretty good. I give it 3.5 stars, the 'cheeze' was just 'okay' but the nut meat filling and salsa were fabulous. I'd like ot try it with a different type of 'shell' like green leaf as opposed to cabbage, though the cabbage was pretty good. :)

We each had two (which was more like one serving between us both). I didn't think it would be very filling, it doesn't look like much, but it seems to be just the right ratio of macronutrients. (carb to fat to protein to fiber ratio) because we were both full off just the two! The corn salsa on top was amazing. I added a bit of hot sauce too. 

Today for breakfast I had a banana, a plum and a protein shake. For lunch I'm making some type of asian grilled tofu and rice dish with veggies and a sauce of my own making. (Hard to find gluten free asian sauces, anyone know of any other than tamari soy sauce?) I'm also going to make my own vegan spring rolls! I'm excited, found the wrappers at the asian grocer near my house. For dinner, back to raw with mushroom risotto with olive oil from ani's book, (Page 189). I"ll be sure to post pics and say how it turned out. Then, before bed another fruit snack.

Hoping to drop another 3 lbs this week. Seems to be the trend with our 75% raw weeks. After last week I need some momentum. :)


  1. Hey Alicia! Thank you for participating in the Meatout bloggers' event! All I can say is... YOU GO GIRL! I too was doing mostly raw for a while and now am backing off a bit. But agree on keeping the fats down a little - good fat or not - too much is too much! The recipe you made sounds & looks pretty good! Keep moving forward and I look forward to more updates! Thanks again and cheers for all the animals! ~ Cindi

  2. I like that you used cabbage leaves as the shells. I have used lettuce before but not cabbage. Does the cabbage hold up better than the lettuce?

  3. i really liked the tacos the way they were.

  4. Yeah the cabbage held up better, I liked it cuz cabbage to me is a little sweet too. :)


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