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The Happy Healthy Couple....16 years and going strong!

Well, today was our anniv! Joey and I have been together for 16 years, and to the person who basically asked "HOW?!" in regards to my age, ha, I'm 31!!!!! haha. We have been together since I was 15 and he was 14. :D

We had a fabulous day! I woke up and made us breakfast. I made banana, strawberry, kiwi and protein powder smoothies with a bit of Silk and vanilla extract. The bananas were frozen so it was absolutely amazing!

Healthy anniversary breakfast smoothies!

We also each had a quarter cup of assorted raw nuts...Have I mentioned how much I love my ninja yet?

In case I haven't...


We let our stomach's settle by watching a bit of How I Met Your Mother that we needed to catch up on and then we exercised! I did the elliptical for about 5 mins, then I did some kinect your shape cardio, three sessions with the 'personal trainer'. That was 20 mins, and I ended it with another 5 mins on the elliptical. Joey did the kinect while I ellipticalled and for about 20 mins after. We decided to buckle down at home instead of doing the gym because we can't afford it. I wasn't thinking I'd need to buy a bus pass to get there! Buses are insanely expensive here in Pittsburgh!

After we exercised, we got ready and went to Aladdin's, a middle eastern restaurant in squirrel hill. We love it there. 

Before we left, I took our pic:

Aladdins has an amazing gluten free vegan lentil, fried onion and rice dish:

Joey got a falafel pitza:

We also had the waitress take our pic ;)

Then we went shopping for new friends:

I'm the guinea pig and joey is the penguin. Hehe. He loves penguins. If they had had a leopard it would have totally been me, but alas, no penguin. It's okay though, I <3 guinea pigs! :D

Also, those little calico critters kitty toys are old grandparent kitties. The girl has glasses (like me) and they are old and holding hands and it's so cute we had to get it. :D Here's to another 16 years and then a few more after that. ;) (Yes, we plan to live forever ;) 

After the toy store we went to Gluuteny, which is a gluten free, dairy free bakery in squirrel hill. We got a premade pizza crust for dinner. Then, we went to the grocery store next door and got a gluten free cinnamon raisin bread mix, and a pizza mix and a whole grain gf mix as well. My mom got me a bread machine for xmas! I just got it last night cuz my sister brought it up. 

It's this one:

Zojirushi rocks my socks! 

Let me just say, my mom's crazy, that machine was SO expensive, but totally worth it. Ha. I just had a bite of the cinnamon raisin bread it made and it was amazing! (We're making jam in it now! Strawberry!)

NOTE: I haven't had bread since November 2010!

Go Joey!

Then for dinner later that night, we made this:
This is a vegan gluten free veggie pizza and it was AMAZING!

I like to saute veggies before I put them on the pizza. I made red and green onions with red peppers, spinach and broccoli. I steamed the broccoli a bit before adding to the saute, added some garlic salt, basil and crushed red pepper, then added to the pizza. (one cup field day organic marinara) and 1.5 cups of cheese for the entire thing. (It was about 12 inches). I managed to stay JUST under my cals today even with this deliciousness! :D

Yeah, I said it. Deliciousness:

While I was cooking I was rockin' this sweet apron my mom got me for xmas:

Well, all in all, we had three healthy meals, we're currently making strawberry jam for breakfast toast for tomorrow, we baked, we spent some nice quality time just hanging out and not being crunched for time and it was great. My pain was okay, nothing really bothered me too much. The exercise is helping, but snow is coming, so am a little scared. We exercised TOGETHER and we're going to start training for c25k in two weeks. Then, we'll do the first 2-3 weeks on the elliptical and then start with week 1 on the paved trail down behind our place (jail trail). We're going to be so fit. ;) It'll be great! :D Either way, I think all of this is a great sign for our future. :)

"take all of me, cant you see I'm no good without you." --All of me, Billy Holiday


  1. Happy Anniversary! The foods looks amazing! Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate such a happy occasion!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! Looks like you had a great, healthy day together :-)

  3. Sounds like a match made in heaven and still going strong.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you two had a wonderful and healthy day.


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