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Who do you want to be?

Do you guys belong to gyms? Do you like it? Is it tough to work it in?

So the other day I signed up for a free 3 day trial at the gym up the street. A friend signed up with me and so off we went.  They have a pool! Which is why I chose them over some other gyms.

I love swimming, even if it pretty much makes me feel like I'm gonna die, and watching nekkid old ladies walk around is less than awesome...

Anyhow, we went in, got dressed and hopped on the machines for a bit. We were only there for 80 mins because my friend had to go to work, but I did a stationary bike, then a cross trainer thing that is sort of like an elliptical, and then I swam. I'll fess up here and say I was only able to swim like 9 or 10 laps. (Lost count I think?)

Anyhow, my bikini bottoms were too big and were sliding down, I got a new pair yesterday. So hopefully that will make it a bit easier. I feel when I'm doing certain activities like I can't get a full breath, kind of the way my seasonal asthma feels, like just annoying to be short of a full breath by about a quarter of my lungs. I'm wondering if taking my inhaler might help me? I'm going to give it a shot and see what happens.

I work 11-2 tomorrow, nice short shift early in the day, on the way home I'm gonna stop at the gym and spend some time there, then friday very early I'll do the same. (I work from 11-9:30 so gotta go crazy early to take advantage of my last free day!) I also believe I WILL be joining on friday. I have the money set aside already and everything.

I could see myself being that kind of person, the kind of person who goes to the gym, not to con myself into exercising ("Well if I spend this money maybe I'll do it!")

 Cuz I already do it at home, but there is a lot more offered there in terms of what I can do. I want to be the person who gets up early and heads to the gym or shows up after work because they know it's what's best for them.

That is who I want to be. 

Also my weight has finally stopped bouncing around. I gained 6 lbs overnight the other day from bloating due to my monthly visitor. ANGER. But it's gone now and I am hoping by Sunday's weigh in for the challenge that I'm down at LEAST to 229. So frustrating!


  1. I loved going to the gym. I had a variety of machines and workouts, there was a pool, etc. I never became the gym rat that I wanted to be, but I did like going. I stopped when I got pregnant and haven't had time to go back. Maybe I will hit it up this weekend ;)

  2. I go to the gym provided by our apartment complex. I'm looking into new gyms to join in the near future though, once summer business winds down.

    I hate the sudden bloat and water retention but since I know it's the reason, I feel less frustrated about it. I love the idea of signing up for a free trial :). Hope you enjoy it!

  3. I use to hate hate HATE the gym... until I discovered group classes- Turbo Kick Boxing in particular. Now I'm a total gym rat and I go at least 6 days a week! I know this sounds like some stupid ad, but it's totally true. My thing used to be "1 hour" on the elliptical, which usually meant 'ok, just til 45 minutes,' then 'ok, just 3 miles,' then 'ok, just til this song is over' because I couldn't stand it! I took like 3 TKB classes and I was totally hooked. The hour flies by, and I'm sweating bullets at the end. If someone would have walked up to me a year ago and said I'd be doing this now, I'd have laughed in their face! Give the classes a shot- what have you got to lose?

  4. Asthma can be exercise induced ~ try pre-medicating. When I could still do more than non-impact, it used to help me a lot.

    Enjoy the gym! I can see you as that kind of person!

  5. I have a love/hate relationship with the gym. I am one of those people who got a membership because spending the money would force me to go. And, well, it worked. I hated it at first. Sometimes I still hate it, until I get there and I'm 15 minutes into my workout and those feel-good endorphins kick in and tell me that I actually love it. So then I love it, and I want more, and thats what keeps me going back.

    Someday I will go back because its good for my body, but I don't think I'm totally there yet.

  6. Amanda, you'll get there! and if not, whether that's your attitude or not, you still get the same physical benefits. ;)

    renee, I will, I totally forgot my inhaler today so I didn't swim, I'll try and bring it tomorrow.

    Beth, once I think I can keep up I will check out classes. I tried to sign up for my free spinning class but something was wonky with the computer and I told her to forget it. By winter I'll most likely sign up for the platinum membership which includes free spinning, yoga and pilates classes, I'll take a few first to see if I like it and then sign up. (You can pay for individual classes if you aren't quite ready to upgrade.)

    I just want the platinum in the winter because of my pain, it offers a Jacuzzi. ;)

    safire, that's cool about your apartment complex! A friend of mine was doing that too. Nice that it's offered.

    135, Doooo ittttttt! ;)


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