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Falling in love all over again.....

So tonight I was talking with my cousin, who also struggles with food issues. She said that cooking something different for herself than what the rest of the family eats was a challenge, because she would just pick off the kids plates anyhow.

This is something I never really understood. My mom did this same exact thing when I lived at home. Making herself some small bland dish and watching us chow down on more fatty fare. I said to my cousin, "They should eat what you eat."

Now I'm not a parent, never will be, so maybe I'm entirely wrong here. It SEEMS....especially coming from OUR family where most of us have struggled with our weight to varying degrees, that you would want to nip it in the bud so to speak. Get those kids eating healthy before they become a parent making a separate meal for themselves down the line, picking off their kids plates.

But then the question becomes, how do you get them to eat this bland boring food you've been making for yourself?

Well, I think the answer is to fall in love with cooking...I know, I know, it's easy to get into a food rut where you eat the same boring things every day. The thing is you are more likely to want to keep eating healthy stuff, and your kids more likely to want to eat (even the 'healthy' stuff,) by making it amazing! I know kids don't like things that are new or different sometimes but maybe even a serious talk about food issues could help if they're old enough, about health and what food does for your body, both good and bad. Maybe if they feel like they are helping the rest of the family by trying this out, it would help? I know kids can be wild and bratty and you want to give them a burger to shut them up sometimes, so maybe what I'm saying isn't doable at all for some, but for others, maybe it is?

Anyhow, the take away message here, regardless of how you cook for your family is to LOVE cooking! You love food right? You probably didn't got to the situation you're in where you're reading this type of blog by NOT loving food. You love it, that's okay, find ways to make flavors pop. Tonight I was discussing making vegan chili with my friend and I asked her if she liked spice and she said "I napalm my food with spice." Well now. That's the way to go I think!

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