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This is where you come in, dear reader

So, I'm having a hard time lately. I'm having weird cravings, I don't know if it's a pms thing or not since my lady parts are wildly unpredictable, but my boobs do seem bigger overnight so maybe it is. But I haven't been tracking and I've been a mess.

This is where having this blog really comes in handy. I feel accountable to my readers, I feel like if I were to stop writing tomorrow and give up on all of this and gain back the near 80 lbs I've lost, I wouldn't only be disappointing myself.

 I know there are plenty of you out there who are struggling just like me, and I assume that since that makes the struggle a little less painful for me, that knowing I'm out here struggling maybe makes it a little less painful for you too. None of us would wish obesity on anyone else I think, but, sometimes it feels nice to know that you aren't alone.

I'm still working crazy days. I had an 11 day stretch this time before I had a day off. Before that it was a 14 day stretch. I haven't had more than 1 day off a week (if I'm lucky) in almost three months now.  It's getting easier, and once we actually have some groceries it will be easier still.

Soon I'll have two days off a week. It was just a bad day. I'm not even sure why, I did't eat much. I think though I should not have had tortilla chips with my lunch. I shared one basket with a friend, but still I feel horrible about it. I even took half my meal home and had it for dinner, and that along with  some chex cereal was all I had today. I feel huge though.

But it's just a fat day I suppose. We all have them now and again. 
I think he's talking about me! ;)

Anyhow, tomorrow is a new day. Hell, right now is a new moment. I just need to brush myself off and get back to sparking. I will be in the two-teens in no time.

How do you cope with fat days? How do you keep them from turning into fat weeks or fat months?

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  1. I've been having a few fat days recently-not in a row, but far too close together for my liking. I had 6 days of eating crap food prepared for me (rather than prepare it myself) and it threw me completely off. Plus bad decisions last night-when she asked curly or straight fries, I should have asked if I could have gotten stir fried veggies or something instead!!!

    I usually call it my cheat day and start over the next day, soups helped me get back on track earlier this week. Choosing a recipe full of veggies, I think, is good. I've been meaning to try juicing, but I don't have a juicer, nor any idea of how.

    Today's been full of eating and it's only 11:20. Blegh. It's also hot and uncomfortable, I need a shower, but I don't want to take one until I do my workout. And I don't want to do my workout yet! *whines* Thanks for listening and I hope that I've helped you!


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