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Contentment and goal evaluation

So, when I started this journey at 299 lbs, I wanted to weigh 145-155 at goal. But the closer I get to that goal, the less it seems like where I want to be. I had posted on a weight loss support forum, and said that at 220 lbs, my current weight, that I feel pretty good about myself and my blood work and health is in order and that my new goal is more like 175-190. I remember being 190 lbs in 2004 and feeling very confident and good about myself, although I was far less healthy because I didn't lose it in a healthy way. (atkins/crash diet), but now, I feel great!

This is me at 280some lbs and now at 220 lbs

This is me at 190 lbs

I want to have a realistic goal that I can maintain for the rest of my life, instead of a goal that will kill me trying to maintain only to get frustrated and re-gain it.  I feel like I looked good at 190 and I think I'll look great at 175, but I honestly can't see myself smaller than 175. 

I kind of like being chubby. I've always been a curvy girl, I actually feel pretty blessed in that I like my shape. Some people are telling me that it's still an unhealthy bmi, but I clearly don't carry most of my weight in my mid-section, which is a good sign, and those boobs aren't going anywhere any time soon. I think I can maintain 175, like the way I look and be healthy. I am healthy now! I'm a 95% whole foods vegan, it's difficult NOT to be healthy regardless of weight. Like I said before, just be healthy and the weight loss will follow. It's a natural side effect of a healthy lifestyle. 

I think once I get to 190 I will give my body a break and maintain for a couple months before restarting and trying to lose those last 15 lbs and then maintain. 

Some people disagree with me, but luckily, I am the only one who has to live with decisions I make about my body. :) 


  1. Those boobs aren't going anywhere anytime soon ~ lolol!!

    Honestly, I think you look healthier in your current 220 pounds photo than the 190 one. Not that you don't look good in both, but I can see that you are living better now. It's not just about the number on the scale, you've made other changes that are clearly working for you.

    And yes, it's your body, and your decision. I support you!

  2. I don't remember how tall you are... but I think if YOU feel healthy, and your doc thinks its okay, then you should stay at that weight for a while.

    BUT I **do** think you can get to 170-175, and I KNOW you can maintain it if you keep working.

    I am not a fan of the BMI chart - I think its bullshit, especially since it says I'm obese and unhealthy - yet my bloodwork and body tell me otherwise. I did a triathlon last month, and just passed all the physical requirements for police academy. I think that says more about my health than some stupid chart.

    I think you should maybe pick *physical ability* goals, as well as weight goals. Like, maybe say to yourself "I want to be able to do 25 walking lunges without any pain", or "I want to be able to bike 10 miles in XX amount of time". Stuff like that. I feel like your health is more about how much your body can physically handle, and how good you feel doing it, rather than how much you weigh. Get me?

    So don't let the numbers on the scale be your judge. Let it be what you can achieve. And, well, with those types of goals everything else (from weight loss, to inches lost, to how you feel buying a top) will just fall into place.


  3. The BMI chart is a load of shenanigans. My bariatric surgeon has even said she doesn't agree with it because it is designed to make EVERYONE look overweight and obese. My personal goal is within normal for my BMI chart reading, 120-130 pounds. My bariatric surgeon said that is not a good healthy goal, she believes my goal should be 160 pounds which puts me in the overweight category according to the BMI chart. So I would not worry at all about that as long as your body and mind are healthy.


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