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Fat, sick, and nearly dead: A review

So tonight someone recommended I watch the documentary, Fat, sick and nearly dead. It's about a guy who weighs over 300 lbs with an auto immune disease and on loads of medication and how he goes about doing a 60 day fruits/veggies juice fast. I wanted to say just a bit and leave you with an extended trailer.

It. Is. Inspiring. 

The issues this guy had and how he was able to heal himself with food was just such a wild ride. I loved every second of it. Some of it was sad to me, the way he interviewed people and they seemed to care so very little for themselves, and by extension, their friends and family. When they said things like, "If I die at 55 oh well." and "I'm gonna go out happy." (aka, eating junk food.)

 I just can't believe the lack of respect people have for the one life they are given. I think we as a culture are sick in more ways than just the physical aspect. I consider the culture to be depressed if we care so little about our lives that eating an apple over french fries isn't something you are willing to do to extend your life. I know some people will say we all day and who wants to be old, blah blah. But if you can be old and spry instead of old and on deaths door for years just barely holding on to your faculties, well, I know which I'd like to be. 

Some of the people said they would probably be dead by 55 if they stayed their course in how they ate and treated their body and yet they would say things like, "I just don't have the willpower." This makes me so sad. 

Wake up people, this is your life.

There was a guy in the movie who was inspired to change his life the same way, and he in turn has inspired many others. Sometimes being a motivation to others helps you motivate yourself. That guy was amazing as well, what a transformation!

I did a one day liquid (protein shakes/juice/veggies) fast a week or so ago, I plan to do it again for two days starting Wednesday, and then next week for three days, increasing each week until I can do a one week fast. I don't think I'll do more than a week, but if I do, 10 days max. Slowly working up, ha. 

Check it out streaming on netflix now!


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