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When people do/do not notice your weight loss efforts

So, today I took this pic of myself when I was leaving for work. Not sure why, I just was in a really great mood and wanted to capture it somehow I guess?


Anyhow, I posted it on facebook and a few people commented that I looked like I had lost weight. That was nice, but I ended up going into my pics and looked at older ones, like this:

Probably sometime in 2008 -- 299 lbs most likely. Not sure what I was thinking with the hair:

I remember when I lost 40 lbs in 2009, I had posted a new pic one day and someone commented and said, "When are you going to post your weight loss pics?" 

At that point there was 40 lbs less of me in the current picture! I dunno, it's just devastating to work so hard and for people to not notice at all. I look at these pics here and I see a difference.

I guess in the end that is all that matters. Who I see when I look in the mirror. I'm sick of waking up and feeling great about how I look until I see a 1-2 lb upwards fluctuation on the scale and then letting that destroy my day. I know I am on plan. I know it's a normal fluctuation.

 I know that I've lost 42 lbs, whether people tell me that they can see it or not. I know that is fat not just in unflattering areas that show, but fat surrounding my liver and intestines and it's shrinking and giving them a little room to just be.

This is no doubt what my insides look like (left), and what I hope they look like someday (right):

The girl in that picture from 2008, she is every bit  as me as I am today. She had a bad hairstyle, fine. Ha. Honestly, I'm happier now though - now that my hair is grown out a bit, wouldn't you be too? ;) 

Have people started to notice your loss? Does it matter to you at all?

I am trying to not let it matter to me, but the rush of a nice compliment is hard to forget ;)


  1. How twillight zone was that??? I popped over to see what you did and odd?
    In a good way...LOL
    Did it just say, hey this is me all over? I know right.... This is bizarre.
    On to your post.
    I have had people literally stop turn and that you? I was ticked and pleased at the same time. Then later in the day I was completely tickled by someone actually fawning all over me.
    Isn't it silly and awesome?
    I use to weigh 268 pounds so I know how the girl with the bad hair in the x-ray feels too. I like being slim and trim now. I still need to lose 40lbs. But I don't let it bother me so much anymore.
    it still excites me when someone says I look thinner. Is that wrong?
    You look great btw!

  2. I completely see a difference! You look beautiful, and I LOVE your new hair!!!

  3. Actually, I think the 2008 hair is cute too. :)

    I also see a big difference! You look good!

    People at work have been commenting a lot on my weight loss. They all want to know what I'm doing. I will be totally honest here ~ the reason I like it is because it gives me a chance to show what a healthy vegan nutrition plan can do. I don't push anyone to change, but if they ask, I can tell them what works for me. If I can influence enough people, it's that many animal lives that might be spared.

    I actually used to hate when people noticed my weight loss. I had some abuse issues I was still overcoming and as soon as people started noticing, I started undermining my success and gaining again. Now, it's nice when people comment, but it doesn't influence me one way or the other as to my dedication to my lifestyle.

    I absolutelu notice a drastic change in your before & after pics. Don't let it get to you if ppl ignore. You keep going strong for yourself & for others out there like me.

  5. I'm just starting out and nobody has noticed yet but I know they will if i keep going


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