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In order to change we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired. ~Author Unknown

I think I've mentioned on here that exercise is difficult for me because I have fibromyalgia.

Anyhow, for about a month I did really well with exercise. I went from doing about 5 mins a day of lifting very light weights and doing wall push ups to doing 45 mins of dancing and Your Shape Fitness cardio and yoga.

For awhile, I felt like this: 

This month has been difficult pain wise and it's hard to say, but I think now that I'm gluten free and not due for my monthly visitor for awhile (low estrogen can cause flares), I might be okay for at least a month. I want to take advantage of that. I am seeing my pain doc in February to discuss my lady time pain flares. I have heard progesterone cream can help. I also need to get on seasonique so it comes less often and lasts a little less time. 

After all that I felt a little more like this:

Within a matter of days.

I had to stop exercising entirely, which undid any progress I had made not only with my endurance but also the way it had been helping my day to day pain levels. Flares are flares, they will happen no matter how hard you try to avoid triggers but the day to day constant pain and fatigue was almost non existent when I was exercising. This is a picture of the Pain and Fatigue Rating Scale that I use over at Patients like me:

PFRS from Oct 2010-Jan 2011 - Scale goes from 1-50, 50 being bad:

The high spots are flares. The worst week in the last few months I was a 37, but my day to day pain had gotten as low as a 4 one week. 

Anyhow, it's gotten to the point in my weight loss journey where I feel so great and when I see a pic of a sweaty gym girl or a picture of gym equipment, I get all excited. I never thought I'd be that kind of person.

Next month I hope to have my pain under more control, I want to exercise. Because on Sunday, June 19th I plan to join a gym

As soon as the weather even starts to break I will be out there walking my 5k path on the bridal trail. (My legs are my biggest pain issue but activity really helps.)

I'm doing better though and February is going to be a good month for me. It has to be. :) I plan to start the Couch 2 5k running program this summer.  I need summer to be great so next winter is less painful. This winter is already way less painful than last winter. 

I will get there. 

Anyone else have any experience with exercise and fibromyalgia? What has helped? What has hurt? 

I hope that this blog included some new info for anyone who suffers from fibromyalgia or for anyone who has a sufferer in their life. 


  1. Hi, I read your comment on Bitch Cakes and wondered if you had a blog. I am glad that I stopped by. Sounds like your Fibro is worse than mine. I hurt worse if I don't work out--that could be the arthritis/joint pain too though. I don't know if you have ever tried Pilates Reformer. It is both easier and harder than the regular floor method. The pain in my legs would get so bad that at times driving my car could be an experience in torture.

    Since doing Reformer the pain in my legs is almost non existent -- I am sure you understand the liberation that has been for me. If you can try a class -- it just might help with all your pain -- keeping it in check with little to no meds.

    If you get a chance drop by and see me at
    Shonnie =)

  2. I do not have Fibro and am feeling rather lazy as I consider what you have to go through. I'm so sorry! But I'm also very proud of you for making yourself have to. You are an inspiration!

  3. Hi, we talked about, I deal with fibro, a matter of fact, right now I have a cold and it triggered a flare and I was pretty much incapable of working out last weekend and into this week. But when I am well and have smaller flares, I just go slowly, parceling my time and ability as I proceed. If I had been walking 20 miles on the treadmill one week, I might scale it down to one to two miles a day.

  4. I'm wondering if you'll find your fibro flares decreased as you continue on a vegan lifestyle. Mine has greatly improved since I went vegan. Perhaps dairy was a trigger for me. My IBS is nearly gone.

    I still have my spine pain and my fibro does flare when I overdo things, but the yoga has been excellent. I'm becoming like Shonnie here on your comments ~ it's better when I do my yoga so I don't like to miss it.

  5. I have noticed it's gotten better. Was just telling bf the other day that this winter is way easier to deal with than last. I think that gluten and dairy were really causing me a lot of pain.

    I can withstand a lot more things now that last year I DID, but it was torture. (like walking long distances and working too many hours.)

    Once on the bus on the way back from my job at the old place, I was thinking oh I can not WAIT to get to SIT on the bus, My legs were SCREAMING in pain at me.

    Then I get on the bus, nowhere to sit. I was in so much pain I got dizzy and came really close to puking on someone due to the inability to handle the pain flaring so bad. That happened twice. SO glad I was able to keep it down.

    This year my job is closer, not spending a lot of time outdoors waiting on buses, it's an easy commute, I've improved my diet, I'm exercising, I'm on Lyrica, all seems to be falling into place.

    Thanks for the comments! I can't wait to add a yoga type thing to my work outs. :D

  6. FYI: Civil rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer famously said "I'm so sick and tired of being sick and tired." Your unknown person was paraphrasing a well known quote.

  7. Your incredible! totally inspired and ready to start my own journey… Thanks for the post!? Your awesome!!


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