Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Too fat for cedar point: Or, finding my motivation

My sister, her fiance' and me and my bf want to all go to cedar point this august. As of last year at 240 lbs I could fit in all the rides at kennywood, but I hear that for a couple of the rides at Cedar Point (millennium force and top thrill dragster) you need to be of certain weight/height. (under 200 lbs or under a size 18 for a woman.) I'm under a size 18 at like 230-240 so since I'm not 5 feet tall I should be fine if I can lose some before August to get me back down to a 16.

Millenium Force:

Top Thrill Dragster:

Anyhow, I haven't felt this peppy about weight loss in awhile. Guess I just needed some type of outside goal. I froze the cupcakes! Giving more away today when I see my friend. It was fun though. :)


  1. your cupcakes are beautiful. i can't believe it was your first go at it. im in a slump. have been. hubbys dad is actively dying, hubby still no job, my mom had a third stroke three weeks ago................excuses i know. today i got back on the flippin recumbent bike.

  2. Thanks. I told my doc I've been stress eating, and he said if there is not stress there is no life or some other trite bullshit, it's easy for people who don't struggle with weight to say 'oh that's an excuse'. These things are real issues and our reactions to them, the way we cope, sometimes is all we know. It's about building new coping mechanisms. Until you do, you can't be expected to handle it better than you can/are.

    I hope things straighten out for you hon, hugs. Sending positive thoughts your way.


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