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I'm on my way!

That's it, I officially have diabetes. It's early, and I can reverse it if I try. I've started taking Victoza, it's an injection medication (non insulin) that makes you digest food more slowly. Keeping you feeling fuller longer. This is EXACTLY what I have always needed, because the anti-psychotics I take for my bipolar basically turn OFF my full signal. This stuff is great. in about three weeks I have lost 15 lbs. By my next doc appt (on july 19th) I am hoping to be back in the 200's. I'm only a few lbs away as is!

I don't have much to say, other than I love this med and hope that it continues to work for me. I seem to have hit the medication jackpot. Bipolar meds are working great, I'm on neurontin now for my fibromyalgia, also working great, and now the victoza. Life feels in balance. I'm on my way!


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Weigh in #4: Not much of a weigh in at all. Stupid Scale.

So, I noticed my weight fluctuating WAY too much on my old scale, I KNEW it was being FAR too kind.

If a scale can 'be kind'.

Anyhow, I bought a new one, and so now I see my old one was WILDLY off, and I have no idea how much I weighed at the start of the month or how much I've lost, realistically. I know I have dropped a pant size and that is usually like 15-20 lbs. So, I've probably lost about that much since before xmas.

Starting fresh, I'll weigh in next week with results from this new scale. Gah!

Flying While Fat

"I'm scared of flying while fat," I told my friends when I was planning a trip from Pittsburgh to Denver in October of 2016. It was to be my first time on a plane, and I had heard all about Kevin Smith's problems with Southwest Airlines. There is the obvious fear of my ample hips spreading into the seat next to me, and some poor unsuspecting fellow passenger being assaulted by my fat spilling onto them. The fear of being told to buy a second seat, that I probably couldn't comfortably afford was real. Should I buy a second seat to begin with? I did decide to spring for the slightly larger seats in the front on a Frontier Airlines flight.

The anxiety leading up to the trip was palpable. I scoured the internet for stories about people's experiences of flying while fat. People who felt as if they had been crammed into a sardine can, pictures of squished thighs and disgusted and disgruntled fellow passengers, offended by the amount of space their fat fellow passen…